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Uniquely Coordinated LLC provides Talent Administration to creative minds. We are a company that provides various types of services for all creative minds in various industries, and small businesses.


We provide services such as Entertainment Industry Support, event planning/coordination, consulting, management, social media support, Interviews/PR, marketing/promo, in addition to product placement, and making "Connections," and creating opportunities. In addition, Uniquely Coordinated LLC also provides special packages based on the needs of the clients.

At Uniquely Coordinated we are "The Engine Behind The Industry," which can be ANY industry; equipping creative minds, small businesses, artists, directors, and others, with a multitude of services and firsthand experience from working alongside other creative minds in the industry.

We are a group of truly unique individuals brought together to take our love and passion for what we do, and combine it with the love and passion that you have for your vision and help to bring the vision come to life and/or help to bring you to the next steps of your growing process. Uniquely Coordinated LLC provides the Talent Administration for the creative minds who are passionate about their craft and ready to invest in themselves and go to that next level of their vision and work on executing proficiently and effectively. 

Our Team

Our Team


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Ms. Bern, CEO

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